Tuesday, June 28, 2011

and that they did

Went to a wedding on the weekend, it had to be by far the most relaxed wedding I've ever seen. Everything was a breeze, easy and uncomplicated. The bride was beautiful, the groom was relaxed, the buckets and buckets of daisy's were simply splendid and the dancing was endless. And so after a year of preparation, of conversations about "wedding world" they are now married and they carry OR marry on for the rest of their lives...

Sunday, June 26, 2011

holiday yum yum

A few months ago we were driving to Newcastle, I was in a deep conversation with myself. A hundred miles away from anything else or anyone else in the car and suddenly out loud I said "Yum Yum Yum"...Embarrassing yes I know but nothing compares to the deserts I was imagining I was indulging in.

These holidays my friend and I plan to make macaroons. I love macaroons but have never attempted to hand make them but I am very excited to do so. Lavender, lemon and strawberries- yum yum yum!

Friday, June 24, 2011

discovered a wonderful blog miss sew and so she is a local, well close enough (Sydney sider) who has moved to the countryside of England. I was drooling over her experiences abroad and motivated to take the plunge and live the dream...well one of the dreams...

My friends Dad died early this morning and I am so sad for her, so sad that she'll never get the chance to pass him a cup of tea or read him something interesting from the paper...life is far too short for "one days ..."

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

I discovered a cool magazine...online!

I know I sound hypocritical in saying this but surely shopping online isn't always so bad especially when you can loiter through the pages of this really, really cool magazine for FREE Lonny magazine has some really interesting takes on practical home decor. I know many of you love the combination of classic and eccentric and this magazine has lots of inspiration for those budding interior designers.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

found something pretty

The creative people at This is Pretty have some lovely little pieces to fill your home with that special touch...they have all sorts of pieces from home decor, travel accessories and decorations for weddings. Don't you just love going to a wedding that's filled with "the little details". Detail that only the trained eye actually picks up and point outs to other guest on the day.
I think the little details are definitely a sign of an organized bride.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

laura ashley and me

I have had a secret love affair with Laura Ashley for years. Confession: I can't walk past a store without going in and loitering through their homeware and signature fabrics.
I know its target audience is probably more middle age woman than myself but I don't care, I have loved Ashley since I was a teenager, from the moment  I purchased my first tea towel, with the stores staple country manner print on it. I love that the sales woman working in the stores are elegant, graceful, silver-haired woman with names such Beatrice and Elizabeth...who could ever say no to a Beatrice??

Saturday, June 11, 2011

cabbages and roses

So if you're anything like me and you absolutely love all things vintage, french inspired, white, chic and rustic then your heart might skip a beat too when you see all the gorgeous products available on line at cabbages and roses. You'll absolutely love this website...